2nd Genga Event of Grindhouse Training Camp

A division server of the Grindhouse, Grindhouse:training camp is hosting a mentoring event in regards to industry workflow. The event will include all stages from Layout to Douga and members can choose 3 different roles to partake in (Ichigen, Niigen, Douga). There will be corrections and settei given by various industry animators.

The start will be around April when materials are finished. For more information, please join the discord server


The invite is expired.

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I see, here is one that doesnt. Im very sorry for the inconvenience


This is so cool! I think I missed the event though…:sweat_smile::confounded:

you have not! They even starts in april, apparently.

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Thank you! I thought I missed a good opportunity! I’ll have to keep note of it.

can I still participate?

This sounds really cool but I can’t access the discord link. Is it still coming this April?

Am I allowed to sign up even if I suck at drawing just to get my feet wet?

This has expired can you repost it or is it. Supposed to be over already?