3d assets in animation experimentation

So I am not an animator. My sister does all the fancy animation. I am an editor. I specialize in after effects/premier pro editing. I started learning blender and it amazes me how much you can do with it. This is my first attempt at a full-scene background for anime rendered in Blender. As it is, it wouldn’t fit into any animation, but I want to experiment with post-production and such to try to make these renders look more illustrated. I am going to experiment with blending in those auto-generated AI painting filters. There is also a lot you can do with textures that I need to look into more. If anyone else is working on this type of implementation let’s get together and share notes! If not, I’ll just keep updating this thread with my newest endeavors!


You should study ufotable! :smiley:

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You should composite and paint over the render results to get the look. Try exporting the line and other passes too for compositing. Also, painting the texture by hand would also add the anime look. Placement of lighting especially in evee is important. These are the 3D bg I’ve learned during my training in Japan.

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ya. They are actually the studio that got me into this haha. I LOVE their stuff and want to recreate and innovate on what they have done with 3d in animation.

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WOW that looks great. So are those textures painted over? the Tatami weave and translucent paper? Did you export the shadows and lines separate and overlay them in post? That is smart. I need to figure out how to export outlines. I think I know of a plugin that does that well.

As you see in the above picture I tried to recreate a tatami mat texture in blender with nodes using a tatami weave and the brick node. I think I might have over lit the scene as well. I should make the shadows more dramatic and brighten the shot up in post production.

Sorry for the late reply. I painted the texture in photoshop. It is better to paint the texture then generate it because with that way, you can get the better anime looking style.