About the Anime Monthly Challenge #animaitsuki #アニ毎月 category

#animaitsuki is the japanime version of the #animonthly challenge.

We will have polls every month to determine what the theme for the next month will be! We will all post on twitter & tumblr our animations that met the challenge guidelines under the hastags #AniMaitsuki and #アニ毎月.

We want to use english and japanese so that it’s more effective in propagating the social media sphere.

We will have a discussion board for each month, the first challenge month will be the month of May 2019, or 五月 (Gogatsu) 2019 and will continue every month, from then on with the theme for the month being announced.

The themes for Animaitsuki will most often be based on famous Japanese animators and styles from history through the present.

Please participate as this is a good way to get inspiration and motivation to improve your work and get some practice under your belt, as well as get noticed by animation studios. Japanese animation studios do look on twitter for animators that they can assign freelance work to, so this monthly challenge could very well be your ticket into the anime industry!

Anyways, ganbarou and lets have fun animating!