About this new platform

I am really loving this new platform! The Mobile version is super great. This definitely feels like something that will scale really well.

Also I like the notification system. Is there anything you all found interesting so far?

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This is honestly great, I really like it. It shares a similar feel to the wanikanji forum layout and it’s really mobile friendly!

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Yep! It’s actually the exact same platform they use, it’s where I got the idea. I love WaniKani

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Is there a way to receive notifications instantly on a mobile device whenever you receive a notification in Sakuga Foundry?

From my understanding, I have to leave SF open on a browser and there is no app, correct?

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So if you’re using chrome you can make an app by clicking on the setting bubble and clicking add to home

And then go to settings in the app and in the notification tab click on enable notifications