Adobe Animate or CSP?

Hey guys, I’m currently using Animate for my studies, but I noticed a lot people here are using CSP instead. Do you think it’s better to switch to CSP, or at least be able to use it with ease as well as Animate ? What CSP provides over Animate ?
Thanks for the anwsers.

CSPX has better drawing tools and is made with anime production in mind so it has some useful features there. not to mention its really customizable. you can make the workspace into almost anything you want. its almost perfect , if not for a bit of a laggy playback at times. I think a good way to describe it is if - Photoshop and flash had a baby

Animate has simple drawing tools and its timeline is fast and lightweight. you get realtime playback without needing to render the animation and it also runs on a low specs machine. (you would probably know more about the new features since im running an old flash 8 version)

i think you can’t go wrong with either one. if you try out CSPX i would be very surprised if you didn’t like it. i know animators that do their rough in flash and then clean up in CSPX, so that might give you a hint to their strengths.

if you want to try CSPX i would say go for it, you can just get a trial version. professionals are using either one, so if you have one you prefer than just use that.

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How does the transfer process work specifically? Like do they just export an image sequence and then trace over it in CSP or something like that?