AMA with Foreign Animators in Japan

If you guys didn’t see this announcement you should participate!


Thanks for dropping by, really fun to read your responses :3

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I thought the new video will go online when the AMA started, that’s why I was a bit later, but the video that was promised still isn’t up for some reason.

Is it going to be uploaded soon?

It seems I missed this one.
I’m new, what is AMA and how/where can I follow a vidéo of this event? Seems interesting.
I am accustomed with the Clip Studio Paint webinars and livestreams… but here I don’t see how it works.

AMA = ask me anything
It takes place entirely on reddit, aka it’s text only:

About the video, what ICD2 probably refers to is next Striving for Animation Youtube video (unrelated to the AMA):

I’d found it already. Very interesting Q&A.
Thanx anyway :wink: