Animation Scheduling?

I made an homemade animation project that took me two weeks and I worked on it for at least 2 hours. It’s my Thomas and Friends ep 1 Animation vid subbed. But lately I was trying to find animation schedules and wonder how or what schedule should you implement especially if you have a busy days (plus losing passion for it…)

Right now its al I’m guesswork for me and I figure I should do what I did before …only it might take longer making it due to my new knowledge of animation and stuff.

Any ideas or how do you work/schedule your animation projects?? Thanks again

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What i think you should consider is making a reasonable deadline and plan for that.
Its nice that you want to have a schedule in mind as that can help the motivation to work on it.
In order to make a reasonable deadline for yourself and your project, you need to evaluate your skills and, if you’re a team, their skills too as well as your assets and resources. A shorter deadline for all your strengths and a longer deadline for all of your weaknesses. A checklist is highly recommended. (I recommend trello)
Hope this helps!

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Thanks alot! I forgot this post > . <’) Your advice really helped me!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So much that I’m scheduling other things too. I wasn’t able to get Trello but I do got these productive apps:
Flip (time/schedule app),
DoneFlow (check off list),
ToDo (Microsoft app, like DoneFlow but includes events and scheduling too!)
and Progress (its in the name but that’s for the future when I do actual professional animation and writing)

Just when I thought checklists wasn’t for me lol its working so far!:smiley::smiley::laughing::laughing::smile::smile::smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Happy to help! :smiley:

I’ve used ToDo as well a bit or 2 ago and its good!
Keep it up ;3

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I’ll try my best!