Animator Dormitory & New Anime System Project

Wasn’t sure where to put these, but… was recently made aware of them via AsianBoss and their video on young animators, as seen here;

(Warning; these are both crowdfunding projects. I’m not affiliated with them in any way.)

The Dormitory run by Jun Sugawara is an ultra low-cost dorm for young animators since their salary is so poor. According to the video, monthly costs are about 15,000 yen which includes all the utilities. This is insanely low for Tokyo. As a comparison, my rent in Osaka city was ~50,000 with no utilities included.

The other project they are running is to make a short film with people who have utilized the dorm in the past, in hopes that they can develop a new system that offers fair pay for work done by animators.

Thought it was a very nice gesture by Mr. Sugawara to set this up and since we’re all here for the love of animation, that maybe others would find this interesting :slight_smile:


It really sucks that something like this is actually needed and puts a band-aid over the real issue of animation companies fighting for smaller bids just to stay afloat. Love traditional 2D animation and all, but what really puts me off from truly pursuing it outside of a hobby is that the system relies on exploiting a surplus of passionate and decently skilled people, essentially forcing them to work horribly long hours for what amounts to peanuts in pay. Money might not be everything, yes, but it has allowed me to live in relative safety in case of emergencies or try new experiences that I can draw from when conjuring original stories that don’t take place in freakin’ high school or game worlds.

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