Any daily draw topic?

What do you think guys? Can we have any topic like daily draw kind? That doesnt mean you need to post or draw everyday, just post whenever you can, more you post and draw, better for anyone will be.


Good for practice, good for activity and motivation :slight_smile:

I think we have a few threads which might serve the purpose but none of them are titled as such/created with that intent I think.

(Critique/SketchBook Category is the closest one we have, probably)

I’d be down for daily drawing stuff though. Are we talking about a ‘daily sketch dump’ kind of thread, or one with a daily theme/goal? I used to do something similar to the second one with friends to keep us practicing new/different things. For example, we had;

Teki (敵) Tuesday - Draw villain character(s)
Wedding Wednesday - Draw characters in a wedding-related situation or clothing
Super Sunday - Draw superhero-type character(s)
Mecha Monday - (Attempt to) Draw mecha-related things

… and so on that we’d cycle through for variety. Could probably use that sketchbook/critique thread either way, but if someone thinks a separate thread would be better we could do that :slight_smile:

I cant upload any animation(i am not much into it right now), right now i do a lot of sketches, so i thought it can be a mixture of thing (like exercising) . In facebook i am in a group made by koreans.They are super skillful, and they post very much. The title is daily sketch, but that doesnt mean you have to post everyday, but just post once in a while.

I think it depends on your time and availability really, if you have material to post everyday then why not do it, especially for feedback and idea generation. I am up for this, it will be a great way to make people of the same skill level and above more and more active so we can generate constructive discussions that will help us improve, the more the merrier. This will also motivate those who don’t practice everyday to make something.

Ok than.I am creating it. I thought to put a title : Daily Improvements. Or Daily improvements and inspiring. I am not good at english, if you have a better idea, or correction please feel free reply here for a suggestion

Gesture and Perspective reflated, maybe something like 10 gesture poses of 30 seconds long, 20 one minute ones and 5 two minute ones.

For now its good, keeping with fast sketches. But in long term the eye and hand should be exercise with slower times too. Going too fast the mind doesn’t have the time to think.Maybe we can do 2 topics. One with just fast sketches. and the other one with studies, that are slower and more detailed.What do you think about? I have many years exp with sketches and so i have notice this differences.Let me know(anyway open many topics about the exercising can maybe become chaotic)