Any Idea When the Next Video is Coming Out? (No Rush, Just Wondering)

Hope I’m not being to greedy, but does anyone have an idea on when the next videos are coming out? Lol, I just finished the instructional videos and the streams and had fun, so I’m just looking forward to the next stuff.

Jarret and Will are busy with their own anime work so it might take a while

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no, but I’m not on the Discord server so they might’ve said something there. In the meantime, I’m studying shows, particularly full body shots. Try and find stuff you’re not very good at, and work on it. Maybe try doing some landscape, background art? You’d be surprised at how fun they are to draw. This takes a lot of time which means you don’t feel it go by. For me school is coming up though so I don’t know if I can do this as much. But I think some routine other than watching anime and drawing would be a fresh change of pace. Just get drowned in doing some other thing every time you’re looking forward to something. Helps kill time.

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nice, thanks for the advice, appreciate it

I know I keep saying soon, but soon. We’ve got 2nd key done on the opening, and are actually just going to produce it to completion, then we will get back into the groove of making videos.

The x-sheet video is taking particularly long because of all the translation and learning involved. I really want to get the x-sheet video out this month.


ooh fun fun, looking forward to it

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