Anyone interested in a Sakuga study group

Anyone down to start a study group? This really helped me in the years I was improving my illustration skills. It’s motivating to work along side someone live-streaming even if it’s only a few times a week. Maybe we could make a schedule of streamers so they’re always someone to study along with?


I like this idea! I’ve thought about doing something similar a while back minus the live streaming part kind of like making an essay analyzing various cuts by certain animators like Megumi Kouno for example and also adding some animations I made with the knowledge from things I analyzed. I’ve just been so busy recently that I haven’t had enough time to properly do it.


That’s a great idea. Sounds fun, useful and a good way to stay active :slight_smile:

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same I think its a matter of just starting imperfect like most things lol

Yep sounds like fun.
Lets do it. :smiley:

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Damn im stuck on hotspot/mobile internet but if this goes on in the future im there 100%

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What are your guy’s thoughts about the best streaming platform for such a thing?

I only know about twitch.
But they do have a Creative sction.

Otherwise we Could do a google hangout.

Twitch, google hangouts and picarto are the only ones I’ve ever watched if memory serves. I vaguely recall watching a few multi-streams of artists drawing together on picarto, was pretty fun.

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yeah twitch is where most of my illustration buds went, So thats probably what I would use in connection with discord

Definitely interested in a study group.

I’m down. So who’s gonna host? What kind of questions should we be asking ourselves as we watch, and what kind of activities can we do together to be the most productive?

here is an animation i have done many years ago(close to 4 years ago).I was less skilled and did’t understand much the softwares and the animation itself. I never did it before, so i started this from scratch just for an exam. Its all done in paper,colored in photoshop and mixed in adobe flash wich i didn’t know how to use it and lokkedvery chaotic as a software to me i was very aware of all the downsides at the time too but i couldn’t fix it anymore. I just wanted to post it here just for fun

Maybe we could have a regular session once a week and just have a Open hangout room for whenever someone wants to hangout(lol)

I think Google hangout lets everyone Share their screen.

So the room could stay open all the time and you can join if you want to.


I’m voting Discord! Yeah we could put up our availability and figure out groups that way.

@Nicholas how about a format where we draw together in pairs with an emphasis on later discussing why we drew the way we did, and how to improve our skill?


If hangouts does indeed let everyone screen share that’d be pretty sweet in case you end up with a handful of folks around at the same time.

My availability will probly be pretty skewed since I’m on JST. What other time zones do we have up in this thread?

I‘m on cest or cet…

That sounds good. If were all hoping to one day work in the Japanese animation industry I think we should focus on annotation and basic animation techniques. Style would be secondary (unless youre trying to mimic a style from a preferred studio)

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I’m down for this. Does discord, or hangouts sound good?

Hey everyone I made a Discord server for this:

Invite only lasts 24hrs but you can also add me Inosenso#8777 and I’ll add you until I get a permalink. If someone with experience moderating for art servers is interested in setting up bots and keeping people in line let me know. Someone’ll have to come up with assignments and manage submissions as well.