Anyone up for a collab on Kyoto Animation inspired project?

Hi there.

So this has been on my mind for about a day… Would anyone here be interested in collaboration on a little KyoAni themed project? I’m thinking nothing too fancy, maybe just 30 sec of animation or something, perhaps even no sound (up to debate), just something that can be done relatively quickly and is coherent from beginning to end.

But most importantly, something featuring KyoAni inspired overall style, as a symbolic gesture of encouragement to show to the anime community (and maybe even KyoAni themselves? or am I being too ambitious here?). I know Kyoto Animation means a lot to people here and I personally felt like I’d like to do more than just donating money and tweeting, even if it’s just symbolic and won’t ultimatelly change anything.

Anyway, we have quite a few people here ranging from rookies to pros, so I’m making this post to see if anyone would be interested in something like this.


Im interested! I just finished watching Hibike! Euphonium recently and I wanted to do something for them but I couldn’t come up with anything.

I think its a good idea.

It a great idea I really love kyoani as well
Was recently thinking of the idea of doing collabs to boost activity

I’m glad there is some interest. Do you guys have Discord? We could create a group chat where we can discuss details.

Great idea! My discord is Alamin#8402

My discord is thenosid#0012 maybe this forum needs a big discord, to discuss more directly.

my discord is marc-g#0310

Thanks. If anyone else is interested, post to this thread or DM me and I’ll add you to the group chat.

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Is there still any room? I was planning on making a tribute regardless but I’m curious since it seems like everyone is going to work on one project instead of making individual clips. There’s also the monthly challenge so I’m wondering if it’s gonna sync up with that.

My discord is Japanese Characters#7095.

We definitely still have plenty of room, the project grew a touch more than what I’ve anticipated. See you at Discord.

Could you add me too?
My discord: DEFF00#1966

Add me in the DMs

Add me
Discord : Akki#4801

I’m interested in seeing the project, I’m not sure if I can contribute drawings though
Discord: Liku#2807

I see we have a spike in interest for this project. I’m glad to see that, I was getting worried it might have grown a bit over our heads. It’s a bit intimidating at the same time though, I was originally expecting to manage like 4 people tops :smiley: I’ve added all of you on Discord.

By the way, you can totally use your cuts from the project as your entry for this month’s #animaitsuki.


How has the project been going? I’m just curious :grin:

Storyboards and animatic are about 3/4 done. We’ve been focusing on layouts for past 10-ish days, of which 1 has been approved, 1 is nearly approved and 7 others are in progress (there’ll be about 50 in total). Once storyboards and animatic are finished, I’ll post them somewhere here on SF for some feedback.

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How many people are on the project right now?

Eight, including me. Hence 7 in progress cuts (I’m currently focusing on storyboarding).

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