Anyone up for a collab on Kyoto Animation inspired project?

Hey! I think this is a wonderful idea :slight_smile: Any room for a composer/writer/3D artist/compositor/VFX person in here?

My Discord is Yuuki Rafflesia#0001

Sorry for being super late to the project btw, had other stuff going on.

We could definitely use a composer, the project lacks any sound atm.

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You do all those things?

Valley#1437 Add me. I started one of these groups a while ago. I can help with storyboarding, backgrounds, concept art, and much more thanks.

Hi. We’re just now figuring out backgrounds, so help with that would certainly be appreciated. Storyboards are nearly done at this point, but if you have previous experience storyboarding, I’d love to hear your opinion.

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Can help with backgrounds and compositing work for lighting and stuff.

Sure I would like to help with the CG part of this add me on discord: acorn BJ#6375

Edit: I would also like to do some composition too
I want to improve on these fields

Can you post the discord link? I’m good at 2nd key and final line work, and may be able to help.

tell your discord name and i will invite you

I already sent him an invite in DMs.

If there is room for a total beginner with some previous drawing experience, I’m happy to help however I can. I’m trying to get my feet wet; sounds like a good opportunity. Discord = Nathan#2196


For anyone else who wants to join, we’ve switched from group chat to Discord server, so you don’t have to give me your Discord name anymore, just ask and I’ll send you invite link.

I am also very new to animation, but maybe there are things, that I can help with. :smiley:

Is it still being worked on? Ye im a month late! I just a beginner try to get some experience! Dunno if ill be of any help tho, can I still join if it’s still ongoing?

Are we allowed the link in order to view progress? Id be interested in joining as well, but am definitely interested in watching the progress.

I can draw in a KyoAni style, is this collab still open?

For any newcomers to this thread: yes, this project is still open and if you think you can bring something to it, feel free to ask for a discord invite.

Our animatic can be found here:

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that is amazing work, characters are drawn so well.

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Nice animatic, I’m interested not sure how much I can help though.