Artbook Purchases from Japan

I’m collecting storyboards and genga art books of my favorite movies.
Dying to get a look at the boards for Sword of the Stranger. I saw some used ones on but they are not eligible for international shipping.

Anyone got any experience ordering artbooks from Japan?

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I do actually. I’ve ordered from Ebay and recently Amazon and I have to say Amazon had faster shipping. I had prime at the time. I’ve ordered manga from Ebay and some art books there too. I ordered some animation books from Amazon. And you had prime there?

Yeah from Amazon has a thing call Amazon Global or something. I live in the US so where I lived they were able to ship there.
As for the prime I just checked and I was mistaken. I didnt have prime there.

Ah yes, some products qualify for global shipping. I just got the storyboards for Studio Ghibli’s The Tale of Princess Kaguya yesterday.

But I was wondering how to ship if Amazon doesn’t. Found this proxy service called BUYEE luckily. Ordered a used book from Amazon that’s out of print through here.

Btw, this site has good reviews on artbooks and saves us the trouble of finding them on a Japanese site. Check it out!

I’ve bought numerous things from Japan, including genga collections, and when global shipping is not available, I have pretty good experience with

There’s a downside with using proxy/forwarding services to keep in mind though, you don’t know how much you’ll be charged for the international shipping until the goods arrive at their warehouse. If you’re ordering something heavy, such as (art)books, be prepared for higher shipping fees.

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I just got my stuff yesterday. Shipment was about 7kgs so yeah pretty costly.
So there are two options when you don’t have global shipping:

  1. Proxy buying service: They buy for you at a cost per item. I tried Buyee initially and they cancelled my order saying they couldn’t buy from their account because it was a limited item.
  2. Forwarding service: Then I discovered this. They give you a local address and only charge a small handling fee. I used They were easy to communicate with and quick. One of the cheapest services out there from what I read in forums. Not that popular.