Background Art for Animated Short Film

Hey all,

I’m trying to meet a deadline for completing an animated short film and I am looking for experienced artists who I can commission to turn my layouts into full background paintings. I’ve tried commissioning several artists via to do this for me, but I didn’t find anyone who met my expectations (I’m not even that good a background artist in the first place).

Does anyone here know and trust an artist who could be commissioned to paint some decent backgrounds?

Here is an example of finished backgrounds I’ve painted for the film (this is the quality that I would like them to be at):

Here is an example of layouts that I’d like to commission to be painted in consistent style as the ones above:



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Hey man!
I can achieve this quality. How many of these need to be done?

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This is a poster I made for a short film announcement recently.

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Be sure to post the finished project on the end of July, I think most of us are very curious.

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Hey guys I might be a bit late but would love to discuss background art with you all. Thanks