Blender Grease Pencil Potential

I think 2D has struggled to modernize and Grease Pencil is the innovation it needed. Here is a highlight reel in advocacy for it.

I believe it can accomplish interpolated in-betweening as mentioned here by Jarrett

Here are a couple deep dives into the GP tool by some of the best independent creators using it currently.

Dedouze Grease Pencil Tutorial
Pt1 -
Pt2 -

Worthikids Blender 2D Animation Tutorial

GP hasn’t even reached its final form yet.

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I’ve been meaning to try grease pencil for some time now, maybe i should. This is very helpful!


Welcome to the site gjeaks! I think if you experimented with grease pencil for about 30 minutes and tried to animate something simple during that time you could have that ah ha moment where grease pencil doesn’t feel so daunting. You can do it!


This guy Spitfire Storyboards has shows off the potential pretty well too, albeit for more storyboarding/blocking passes.