Books that may help with Japanese Animation

Hey I recently bought some books from Amazon that looks like it will help out with animation some from one of the How anime is made video

I got 2 more coming this week


Got the rest of the books I ordered for now uwu

They sent me 2 copies of those books and debating on returning them OR giving it away to an awesome person. :smiley:


I wish there were books like this when I first started animating haha.

Also, if you have extra copies, it might be pretty cool to give them away as prizes for an event for members? =) Just a random thought!

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Nice! That’s not a bad idea! May do something when we get more members :blush:

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Yaaaas! I agree! I will share the link here with more of my followers.

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Yes! Do that! It’ll be fun! Hopefully Jarret will allow that :slight_smile:

This book is also useful for beginners. It describes basics of anime production pipeline.


The Anime Effect book is really good, you should use it!


Awesome! That’s great to hear! Can’t wait to dive into them

Can i get these on amazon?

Probably not on your local Amazon.
You can try or a proxy/forwarding company.

I’ve got the Anime Effect one and the After Effects one from Japanese Amazon.

What’s the “Anime Effect” one called exactly?

アニメエフェクト作画 is the name of the book

It’s called 吉田流! アニメエフェクト作画

EDIT: oops, DragonGasai beat me to it :smiley:

What are the shipping fees for books with Amazon JP?

It was about…12 13 bucks for me
I do own 2 of this book so you want it?

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Well, what do you mean you have extra copies? Sure, I would love some but I think shipping is going to be more than the price of the books.

Yeah I have 2 copies of the book. I accidentally bought 2 of em