Cliip Studio templates and how to convert to animation blank space use

I’m trying to import a cut done in Krita’s Japanese animation template layers into Clip Studio.

In theory the holes on top should make lining things up easy, but in practice, CSPEX seems to have some mysterious behavior. I exported each frame from Krita as Photoshop to keep layers intact and the layers imported to CSP fine. The problem is that there’s no blank space awareness so I’d be exporting animation including all the edges.

The “Story” > “Work settings” > doesn’t show any options on the left for switching the work use to animation and the page and canvas settings show only stuff related to comics.

The documentation seems like a lie. Is there some setting that makes these show up again?

How do I designate a given animation or page as animation after importing it from outside CSP so I can enable blank areas and the like?

I’m stuck with making a new file in CSP set as animation to get blank area functionality, and then importing and aligning many layers of animation sounds like a time sink.

It may be a waste of time to try to convert this way. Maybe I should just finish the cut in Krita. I had wanted to use CSP to revise drawings and do coloring with the pixel-perfect method shown in the last couple live streams.


UPDATED: Reviewing the YouTube descriptions, I found the link to the template:

As for what template people recommend to start with, I started with Will’s workspace which has nice colors on top:

What template is he using? I seem to remember a link to it on one of the videos but I’ve lost it.
The “Animation Template” I see on CSP Assets is 2560x1440 which sounds appealing for extra line discernment on complex drawings but Will and Jarrett have recommended sticking to 1080P to avoid wasted detail work.

When I drop it into any different sized page like a 1920x1080 it is misaligned which is hardly ideal.
I intend to make a custom template with a studio logo and such but I wanted to start with whatever Will and Jarrett are using as a base.

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The workspace is above 1080p because the live area is 1080p. The live area being the center box

Yes thanks I figured that out. I’m using the template I found linked in your videos and it works great. The premade vector animation folder layer setups are helpful. I started using the OLM smoother After Effects filter rather than the manual smoothing built into CSP and the results from the 1080P pixel drawn frames look great even upscaled because of the smoothing.