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I think a category where people can share their work and get critiques if they want to, would be cool.

I know that we have a feedback thread but i think that can get confusing very quickly when multiple people post.

Also it would be nice to see the progress of everyone over the years


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Hello, it’s been a month since I received advice from you guys about what resources to use for figure drawing. My figure drawing improved a lot thanks to that and I want to know what you guys think, if you have critiques or suggestions please leave them for me.

Lots of really great improvement over a month. One thing I’d say is to relax when you’re doing gesture drawings. Some of your lines look like you were trying to be too careful with them. Also, when you draw limbs, try to capture the gesture using more than just one line so they don’t look like wavy sticks, unless you’re doing super quick sketches. The drawing in the left side of the 2nd picture looks good but the body looks a bit stiff. I also recommend watching Proko’s figure drawing critiques videos if you haven’t already. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn from those since we all tend to make the same mistakes when starting out lol Anyway, good job and keep it up!

Yeah I’ve been doing prokos free figure drawing course and regularly rewatching his videos and critiques to keep things fresh in my mind. I have a big issue with that I need to start exaggerating the gesture, otherwise they look like lifeless and stiff. Am currently at the robo-bean part of the session and I wonder if I should begin mannequinozation or keep doing gesture and regular bean? Also I draw from the shoulder doing these, is it better to do it from the elbow, or even wrist?

I’d say keep doing gesture and the bean but you could throw in some mannequinization drawings if you want just focus more on gesture and the bean. Also, using a combination of shoulder and elbow movements is good.

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I forgot to address this, but I struggle with exaggeration when it comes to gesture and beans, I don’t look at the contours but what I tend to do is look at a part of a limb and imagine where the line of best fit would be and then draw that in, and as for the bean I struggle with the twist the most and using different designs, they all tend to look the same, and one more thing for the gesture is that my limbs all look very similar, it might be because of the poses the models do, but I think it’s just my lack of skill and attention to rhythm. Are these problems going to gradually fade away with more practice, or am i doing something fundamentally wrong?

It will go away with practice. As long as you open yourself up to always learn and don’t be afraid to go back and re learn the basics if you think you have to. I’ve done it multiple times and each time I went back to 0 I started learning things I missed before.

Yeah going back to 0 is diffidently an approach i will employ going forward, ive done it with perspective already and just went back to gesture from robo-bean as I felt i was lacking in that department which caused my robo-beans to be very stiff. thank you for the suggestion.

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So I have been studying more of Hamptons Gesture, but two days ago I did a different prices from Brent Eviston. Because his approach is a lot looser and dynamic with great flow. I thought it will help me with my stiff poses, but they still come out as they do above. It actually feels more like a regression than progression. When I draw when I draw using Brents method they appear much looser and dynamic. But when I switch back to Hampton their like stick figures. If anyone has any advice I would like to hear it. Thank you.

Last batch of gestures do a good job of portraying the figure with a minimal amount of lines. I don’t really have any advice for gestures though, sorry :slight_smile: The resources you’re using thus far seem to be doing a great job of building your foundation.