Design, Color, Composition, Illustration master books, lessons or courses?

Which are the best books, videos, sources to learn, Design for Art, color theory, and palette for anime like, Composition, and illustration for anime like?

I just find generic stuff but there are more specific sources?

I wouldn’t focus on finding a course that teaches anime style creation processes. “Anime” as a style is actually the process of simplifying standard art theory for a balance of efficiency and asthetics.

Be a good artist and then simplify specific details from reality. Eventually the main details that you like will be left and your style may look more anime if you choose.

I also wouldn’t waste your money on a course. Focus on using the fundamentals of art to express yourself. Art is only about signal and noise; also known as contrast or continuity. The fundamentals of art are tools to balance the relationship of signal and noise to create a clear expression.

Perspective creates more overall continuity because all the objects in your image are converging to the same perspective points. The viewer subtly feels comforted by all the lines pointing in a unanimous direction. Cool and warm temperature in colors can create contrast or continuity. Brush texture can act as noise to push the viewers eye away from something or can signal that all the strokes of a certain texture are connected to form one object. Value, Hue, shape/form, composition, color all work for the same cause of showing what you are and are not trying to say. Animation adds movement as a tool and story could also be considered a tool. When combined properly they can speak much louder than what words may describe their point to be. With each work you create you will be strengthening the voice of each of these tools until they reach your satisfaction.

This site has extremely high quality articles on almost any art topic you could think of.

If you are going to pay for something pay for this and do your homework for the classes. At Schoolism you learn form the best of the best in the west. Really pros with real jobs working in the industry.

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Agreed. Drawing “anime” became easier when I could draw anything. It just became a thing like drawing a bike or drawing Mickey Mouse.

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