Discord server maby?

I was wondering if you plan on creating one :^)

We do have one in the works, but the official discord will be application only, and have strict membership requirements, and it is currently undergoing testing. Our goal is to have a good ratio of industry pros to strivers, so that people who are trying to learn don’t overload the busy professionals.

We have discussed having an open discord here before, but the consensus generally has been that a discord would discourage forum activity.


Very true. That actually happened with the forum for a music program I’ve been using for years. As soon as the Discord server went up, the forum all but died.

How would this work for people who don’t animate but do other parts of anime production (writing, music, etc)? Would we be able to get in too?

We currently would only be able to support people interested in drawing, because we want to make sure people are getting accurate information. We would need an industry contact in the server who is a writer or composer for anime for us to be able to serve that demographic.

Though there are plenty of other here who are wanting to get into writing, voice acting, music, etc! I’ll make an announcement if the discord branches out.


Ah okay understandable I guess

this is a great idea. I love the focus on keeping the group tight with professionals and those striving to work in the industry. By application only do you mean something like a portfolio submission to join?