Face drawing methods

Recently,I’ve been struggling a lot to draw a face. This isn’t art block, its more like… my faces seem lifeless or the proportions are all wrong. I’ve tried using different methods like the circle method (which seems to be the most common), drawing an oval and then adding the details, and breaking the face up into various shapes; the result of these is just making them look all weird and distorted. If anyone could send some tutorials or even just sketches showing the stages of them drawing a face using any method it would be a big help.

Here’s one for facial proportions;

Measuring proportions in terms of eye size can be a useful guide, once you’ve done it enough it will become part of your process that you don’t really think about, but can remain a useful tool to ‘check’ if something feels off.

Studying the basics of what makes a character look a particular way (age, demeanor, etc) in regards to placement of features may help you to solidify your process of drawing faces.

And as always; keep grinding, draw as much as you can, draw quickly, and use a reference whenever possible. (the last point especially)
Edit: forgot to add a vital point; flip your canvas routinely to reveal balance issues and stuff :]