February 2020 #animaitsuki Challenge: Weather Effects

*Sorry for taking so long to make this post :disappointed_relieved:

This month’s challenge is weather effects!
The effects can include: rain, lightning, wind, clouds and so much more!

There is so much more to anime than just characters and dialogue. The background and the weather plays a huge role to set the mood of the scene (sound included of course ;)).

I think this’ll be nice to step outside of that comfort zone. Im pretty excited to learn how to do weather effects. Are you? :3

Refer to Makoto Shinkai films for inspiration. Im not expecting that level at all! I wanna see you guys creative outlet and problem-solving skills to tackle this months challenge!

And you haven’t seen these movies, i highly recommend it. Its beautiful!


forecast: rain feat. chibi rainy devil


Lovin this
Especially the shadows!

any advice is appreciated (other than the fact that i nee dot fix my horrid art)


Testing weather effects w/ after fx: https://www.youtube.com/embed/V5a092QZOLg

Any hope of doing a new challange on March?

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Will make a post hopefully after i get off work tonight or early mornin tomorrow!