Feedback/Critiques (March 2021-Present)

In an effort to keep things a bit fresh, I’ve closed the old Feedback Critiques thread and started a new one. I’m going to try to do this more often so when new users come to the site they can more easily find the newer discussions.

Please use this thread to post animation works, get feedback, and give critiques & suggestions!


Continuing on with practicing and improving tracing accuracy and speed. I’ve not added any in betweens yet for these.



After the great critique of my previous attempt I went back and tried to fix some of the wobble and missing lines to my added in-betweens but I think there’s still some work to do there.


edit: added another one :slight_smile:


If it’s possible jt might be best to have the new posts appear at the top instead of the bottom. Take a page out of like every social media site ever. It makes it easier to browse. That might not be possible with the site you are using though so it’s whatever.

@Fingle but what about the feature that lets you click the date on the side which makes you go all the way to the bottom of the topic?

Oh I don’t see that on mobile.

@Fingle Oh. That explains. :slight_smile:

Small experiment from last December. Feedback appreciated!Ryuko%20Practice%20Genga%20Animation

Trying to go as fast as possible I unsurprisingly discover I’m still pretty slow and dogs/cats are awful distractions :rofl:


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Nice suggestion! Unfortunately I’m not sure if this is possible in discourse (the app we’re using)