For those wanting to learn Japanese

This site is what I used when I first truly dove into learning Japanese. It took me a few hours with the katakana version of this and reading practices and I was good to go.

Disclaimer: I’m not fluent in Japanese (yet) but I am studying the language daily. If you guys would like some tips or have some resources, please by all means let me know :3


Tae Kims Guide is very helpful

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Tae Kims is definitely a must. I’d recommend reading it 2 or even 3 times just to get everything you can out of it.

Anki with some flash card decks (like Nihongoshark’s) is pretty great for helping you recognize Kanji.

Memrise is an alright app that will teach you some stuff and gives you various drills to help remember them.

Japanese Pod 101 is excellent for listening practice. I tend to use that for ‘passive learning’ (like when I’m on the train).

Everyone’s a bit different in what may work best for them, but I would recommend not focusing on vocab until much later. You’ll naturally pick it up as you study grammar, work on comprehension, kanji, et cetera. Hearing it attached to something with real meaning I think makes it much easier to remember than just looking at a word, writing it ten times and then moving on (which of course may work better for some people).

As for books, the Sao Matome ones along with the Speedmaster series are really good, though they’re more JLPT prep.

This might be impossible to get outside of Japan, but if you can, try to locate some kids newspapers (yomiuri kodomo shinbun for example) or image files of them. The nice thing about them is that they include all the furigana for the kanji. What was recommended to me with them was; read the article once, write a few notes like what it’s about, some details just to check your understanding. Read it a second time, this time, writing down the words/phrases/kanji you don’t know - then go look those up on like and study them a bit. Lastly, read the article one more time now that you’ve studied the vocab and grammar relevant to it.

Last thing I can think of is… review, review, review :slight_smile:

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Anyone else taking the JLPT this December?

I’m signed up for N2 in the Kansai area, definitely not expecting to pass :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to getting the first attempt out of the way though and experiencing the system.


Oh wow! Good luck! I was gonna take it but the area I was gonna go to was booked out and the closest one was across the country lol. Next year fo sure!

Me too taking N5 though (I’m not very good at Japanese (;;))
You stay in Kansai is it Kyoto, Osaka or Kobe

Formerly Osaka, now in Nara :slight_smile:

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Test was today. Took it at an agricultural campus in a forest, basically :rofl:

Quite sure I didn’t pass, but the test was less grueling than I expected. The reading was what really wrecked me, I think.

Was a fun experience though. I noticed that i was one of maybe 3 Caucasians in a class of 72, with most folks seeming to be from South East Asia and Korea. People were in petty good spirits, lots of them in friend/classmate groups, and the atmosphere was quite pleasant.

I think with a year of hard studying I can manage to pass next time :slight_smile:

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Ooo that sounds reassuring!
Dont count your chickens before they hatch as you may just pass ;3
I’ll take the test along side ya next year :smiley:

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Results are in; failure as expected :rofl:

But the good news is, I did better than I expected. I missed the mark by a hefty 30 points, with Reading being my weakest area, followed by Grammar/Vocab, and Listening being my best by quite a margin. I feel pretty encouraged though, and I think passing it this December is quite doable if I actually buckle down and study this year (like I should have last year).

No more 20-30 minutes of flashcards on the train and calling it good. I need to dedicate at least 2 hours a day I think and study a wider variety of things.

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Oh no! Sorry that you failed but you know what they say, “Fail once and try again!” (Dont know if thats a saying :smile:)
But yeah, you’ll definitely get it next time!
2 hours a day is a great starting point! You can only learn so much with flash cards (Anki in my case.) I suggest look at Matt vs Japan videos to get some more resources like morphman and other things.

You got this!

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