Gesture drawing

Hi :smile: first off, im so greatful that i found this website and the youtube channel, its amazing. Im getting very motivated. Thanks!!!

im just wondering if people would share their gesture drawings routines are? what kind of sessions do you guys use? i usually do 30sec and 1 min. depends a bit how much but usually 40min- 1 hour.

Hey, welcome to this mishmash of a collective. :wink:

As for figure drawings, I just do whatever the light is like that day. What I mean is, it’s usually 3 hour session with 30 sec to a minute to warm up for the rest of the session. If it’s good light then longer poses like 45 minutes. If the light is, say overly cool or warm I try to break it up to multiples of 10 to 20 min drawings.

Sorry for the lateness. I’m in the middle of trying to post here more often, but I’m learning all the software knickknacks to be comfortable enough to post polished things in this place.

Anyway, again welcome and we may bump into each other again in the future. Take care and stay safe.

Thanks for sharing mistergken! preciate. Really helpful to read and learn from other. we will probally bump into each other again. Take care :slight_smile: Good luck on the software learning:)