Hello Everyone! We're funding Indie animators $500/Month

Hey guys! My name is Aigbe and I’m new to SakugaFoundry. I just built a new platform like Netflix for Indie animation called Fiyahtv

Before I get into that, let me tell more about myself. Im a 2016 graduate of the College for Creative Studies and got into animation whileI was there. I’m also the artist behind the DarkSoulsAnime blog on Tumblr. Its Darksoulsanime.tumblr.com

So what is Fiyahtv?

Its a platform 2 friends and I built by hand in order to fill a gap we saw in the market. Our goal is to create a new tyoe of system where indie animators can produce their own shows and get paid for doing it without losing any of their I.P. rights. Although the platform launched 2 months ago, its growing faster than we would have thought and we’re now trying to focus more on Sakuga based animation.

Its why we’re now looking for animators who want to create their own shows while earning a stipend every month for creating that show. The stipend would be no less than $500 a month and you would retain complete rights to the show. The goal is to essentially help these animators begin to create short(2-4 minute) episodes every 1-2 months unsing techniques we’ve learned from studying how professional animation studios approach productions. Our only requirement would be that the animation be posted exclusively to Fiyahtv

Fiyahtv has a built in subscription system, so fans of your work will be able to directly support you with $500/month. Its like Netflix meets Twitch but strictly for animation.

Obviously this is a lot of information, so feel free to ask any questions in the thread or PM me directly. We’re ready to help make people’s dream come to life.


I have a question.
If I publish a short film on this platform, can i upload the “making of” in my portfolio on art station or devian art , like the rough animation phase or the model sheets?

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Absolutely. Process work and any related art works could be freely shared on any platform :+1:t3:

If anyone is interested I’m willing to pay a commission for some shorts to be published on the platform, animators (Animation teams) can then retain the profits garnered from the platform (subject to T&Cs)

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That’s awesome! If you get anyone who wants to make anime style narratives, we’ll also provide monetary support for the project if you’re willing to make it a fiyah exclusive… We can also provide support in storyboards, keyframes, voice actors and music.

We highly reccommend keeping episodes short and towards 4-5 minutes in length.

ALSO, we have a $5,000 contest with a February 14th deadline. If you can’t make it in time for the contest, we’ll most likely have a new contest dedicated to Sakuga by February.

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In that case I’ll be in touch shortly

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I was wondering whether this offer stands indefinitely or not, because I’m hoping to get a small series started but I have exams (I’m a high school student) so i cant start on anything till June. Also, can the series be longer than 4 mins or is that the maximum limit?

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The series can definitely exceed 4 minutes.

Feel free to reach out at anytime, and we can provide more details.