Hiring animator

Hey Sakuga Foundry - I’m Jeremy, the CEO of Italic.com and owner of Not Pot.

I grew up watching anime and am now having my companies hire an animator (or two) or studio to work with us to create at least 5 short films that are 10-20 seconds long to introduce our new products. They will need to look like 1990s / 2000s sakuga style (akin to early Sailor Moon).

We’re a really friendly team based in Los Angeles and communicate through Slack - this job is remote and the animator can work from anywhere. We’re also able to pay well above what studios typically offer.

Would any of you be interested, or know of anyone in your network who might be able to work on this? I’ve searched all over Twitter for weeks but haven’t had much luck recently.

If so, please send your portfolio and would love to discuss the project! Timeline is asap.

Thanks so much,

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