How Animation Studios Flex

They did use rotoscoping for this scene, but getting an anime model on top of tracing footage isnt an easy task


That’s what I thought. I had a feeling that they used rotoscoping for that.

It’s sad that I can’t watch any of the videos. They all come up as “not available” .

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this link works @sumit thanks

This special ED gave me a good dopamine rush when I saw it for the first time.

I knew the shot was 3DCG, I didn’t know they rotoscoped over it, which I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that in terms of efficiency.
What’s the point of rotoscoping over 3DCG? They probably have a good reason for it, I just wonder why.

Wait what? I’m fairly certain the shot was rotoscoped over live footage of a dancer.

Sorry, I was wrong, I didn’t read the article carefully enough.
Excuse me for being incompetent.