How CGI Can Affect Frame-by-frame Animators In A Near Future?

As a 2D animator, sometimes I find myself worried about my carrier in the future. I wonder if there will be great opportunities such as these as we have today.I know that 2D animation is definitely not dying, but this is how it is sometimes. I love CGI and mixed media that creates wonderful characters animation with 3D camera movements throughtout the background as well as their interaction with 2d characters.

I’d love to know you guys opinions about this subject.

first, You can always turn to CGI if you want, having a 2d background is very helpful there.
second, if you like more the 2d method, be so good they cant ignore you, if there is only one studio in the word which does 2d, be sure you are the one they will be looking for.


In the foreseeable future I do not see cgi replacing 2d animators at least when it comes to foreground. As someone who is specializing in CG in animation I’ve learned a lot about the limitations of 3d software in animation recently. Backgrounds can and likely will be taken over by 3d software and AI very soon, but it is next to impossible to get a 3d anime charecter to look good in motion. Still shots can be done in 3d, but the way animators animate movment is somthing computers just can’t replicate. Its the imperfections in hand drawn characters that computers have no way of recreating at this point. Now not a lot of research has been done regarding this and AI will likely be able to do this recreation some day but that day is far off.

CG I anime won’t do anything but increase the efficiency of a studio. It allows animators to spend more time on animating characters and less on backgrounds and such. Hope this helps.