How do you blend lighting and shadows?

Hello, I wanted to how to create blends(or fading) for coloring animated characters or objects with shading and lighting. Also, for lighting on a character that gives the lighter part that ‘glow’ effect. Can it be done for Clip Studio Paint or Opentoonz. Is it to be done in the coloring stage? Or compositing stage? I know compositing has a big factor into this, but to start from a regular line art from a key frame and coloring it, I am not too sure.

Also, I want to learn the blending techniques to the point where i can recreate the blending effect style WiT Studio used for Attack on Titan Season 2, which takes it onto another level (for the body shading, and the eyes)


Hello Jalen,

I’m not similar with that, I believe lighter part ‘glow’ effects can be done for After Effects.
Maybe try to watch it at 8:41 (it’s good if you watch all, you will understand clearly)

I’m a new animator, so I don’t know how to help.
I believe that it is called “gradient line” which I downloaded CSP Template from Striving for Animation YouTube. That’s what I found out. :slight_smile:

It’s the best you can watch the channel “Striving for Animation” all the videos, maybe you will learn.

I hope anyone can answer here.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve already watched this video, which gave me a lot of background info on the softwares during pre production.But it doesn’t explain more in detail what I’m looking for.

But I will look more into that gradient line effect. I have an idea of it’s basic purpose and what it would look like on shading, but I’ll test around with it. I’m not sure if gradient coloring is what they used, but I know in a majority in anime they use that gradient shadow or lighting technique.