How to boost activity?

Hi everyone,

We actually have a large enough group here now that we could probably have a pretty lively group. Are there reasons that you guys aren’t posting?

If you have category or topic suggestions, please let me know and we can get them started. The website uses a trust system that will allow you to make your own threads I think at level 2. I could be wrong though and you guys might be able to make threads, but so far only myself and site Patrons have been making new threads.

Anyone have thoughts on what we can do do get the activity up here?

I’m thinking about starting a daily draw thread for people to post into, would that be something people would be interested in?

Side note: I’m still trying to solve the e-mail issue, and am activating people manually for now.


I think one of the primary reasons could be the lack of directive here. It’s just a simple forum from the looks of it. I think a vision thread should be there to let members know what this community is all about, and giving them a reason to hangout here.

It also needs a variety of different categories and sub-categories. For now, it seems there’s only General and Animation where someone would want to post something. Maybe a Category where we can ask a question regarding a software we are using and can’t seem to find out how to do it. Or maybe a category to ask feedback regarding any WIP/Completed works of animation the person has worked on.

I think Anime Discussion in general should be left out, but discussing a scene of an anime in regards to its production should be looked into. Kinda like what happened in the thread I posted about the dance. With seasonal anime, there will always be a scene to talk about.

As for Daily Drawings, it will be very overwhelming for participants and for the one who is maintaining it. A weekly or monthly challenge would be ideal for now, once there are enough challenges, we could just reuse those in daily challenges eventually. And rather than drawing, it should animation related since this is a community for Anime.

Lastly, one possibility would be that your Youtube channel hasn’t posted anything new yet, so people may kinda think that its a dead community. What you guys do is definitely hard work, and take’s time to produce quality content, but try considering posting at regular intervals, even a video in a month is good rather that posting many videos altogether and then not posting for a long time. Maybe start a thread here so that you can ask for ideas for the next videos, or maybe discuss an idea of a video that you already have.

PS: I was gonna reply earlier but my cat was sleeping on my keyboard, so…

Edit: Also, place the Announcement category at the top of all.

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We’re on a monthly schedule and have posted regularly ones a month since the channel was started, The next video will be coming out this month too.

Also good ideas, I’ll see what I can do with the categories to encourage discussion

I stand corrected, I hadn’t checked the dates, and it almost felt like the earlier videos came faster. Sorry about that.

Do you need help with e-mail problems?

I might need help do you know how to troubleshoot DNS name servers?

I have some experience in it.

Do you have discord? Add me there and I’ll let you know what I’m struggling with

I’ve sent request in discord.

I can run some monthly challenges or something here if ya want. I’m part of the Animator’s guild and they run monthly challenges for animation. :3

Sounds good. I have seen some animonthly hashtags. Maybe we could start with those? Or do we want something specific to SF?

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Hmm that sounds nice. What are some animonthly hashtags?

So RubberNinja on twitter announces a theme every month and they repost your submissions. That’s what I know.
Checkout guzzu’s work.

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Yo that’s pretty lit right there Haha. Sounds like a nice start right there. I have to think of some rules and guidelines for this. I know for certain since this is an Japanese animation forum and we are here to learn about anime and all its production glory, the challenges are going to be for that me thinks :3

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We could also pick one animator, study his timing and stuff, maybe try to emulate it with a certain theme on a monthly basis? That way we become aware of industry professionals, their styles, shows they’ve worked on and improve our skills along the way. There are lots of MADs on Youtube already so we could get into it super easily.


I like that idea. Like a lot

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I think this is a great idea. I’ll look into how we can start something similar to animonthly. Maybe we do #animaitsuki or #アニ毎月
Which is just animonthly in Japanese.

I’ll start a category for it tonight. I’ve already got some theme ideas.


I think it might also be cool to have a discord group for Sakugafoundry. I’m rarely on forums while i’m working on projects, but Discord is always on and it’s a fast way for people to share ideas and get feedback. It’s also less formal so hopefully people are less worried about having a specific topic or a long response to someone else’s thread. We can just chat (text or voice) and can get to know each other better. A big part of starting communities like this is establishing good lines of communication. I really want to see this site grow!

I suggested that idea a while back. But we’ve polled the patrons who support the site and the general consensus was that a forum was a better medium because the permanance allows discussions to stay alive longer.

I think that may be a future addition, but discord does have a habit of killing forums. So it might have to wait until we are bigger.

If you PM me though I have a few art/animation discords I’m in that I could invite you to!

I didn’t read the whole thread but I think the problem is pretty obvious: People mainly use established social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and most of all: Discord. It’s already become their habit to post frequently using these social media outlets.

If you want people to post on the forum frequently you should try and tempt them to make a habit out of it, which is very hard to do. What you could also try is making it harder to join but have a lot of established animators and industry experts already on board. But that would really go against the point of the Sakugafoundry forum, also the fact that the e-mail problem has been a persistent problem for some time (I just noticed that) makes the forum not an ideal place for frequent conversation.

I think going against the general consensus of the patrons and making a Sakugafoundry Discord anyway is the way to go.
Their reasoning of permanence of discussion is valid as they are hardcore enough to even sacrifice some of their personal finance for you and Will’s wellbeing and wellbeing of the Sakugafoundry forum and of course, SFA. However, most people are not like the patrons and will not be motivated enough to make a habit of posting to the forum.

My suggestion is that you move to Discord anyway, as this clearly isn’t working, the last post that was not by me was 16 hours ago, this would not have been the case if there was a Discord server. The pros of Discord far outweigh the cons, unless Discord staff decides to nuke your server for no reason.

Be sure to send me those art/animation Discord groups on DM on Discord if you want to!:smile: