I found out...I'm rusty with animation :[

This is an oooooold character I made as an kid when I was in my SONIC fan phase, Chiller…heheh but no this is what I want to say about this short animation…

When the new year came, I discovered that CLIPSTUDIO PAINT EX. That I purchased solely for animation was harder than I thought. I chose this program for animating only to find it was like Photoshop. I will admit I was lazy in making animations and have uncompleted projects.

However, I found out I’m rusty in animation especially AT INBETWEENING!

From reading the famous book, The Animator’s Survival Kit, watching animation help videos and the Striving Animation vids.

I need to start all over with the basics and that’s okay. (sigh) I just wish I read the book earlier and took my art more seriously. Ugh! I can’t believe I wasted so much time but thank Yah I did it now in my 20s than in my 30s or 40s.

So, I am starting anew. Still bitter about it but I’m starting from the basics!

Using Opentoonz (I admit when I heard Studio Ghibli and others used this program. I got it too …I tend to get programs other major companies use, probably a not a good habit…><^) but it reminded me of Adobe Flash (Which I USED UNTIL ADOBE ANIMATE CAME with its monthly subscriptions which I didn’t want to pay for!)

I wished I learned about it years ago, I might’ve not gotten CLIPSTUDIO but hey I can use it for illustrations and comics/manga.

This sounds like a rant, but I am going through some headaches (and doubts of being an animator) however, it is an job that requires skill and has its rewards.

And…I want to be able to achieve animation people can rewatch, be happy about and be fanatic about. I like when I see animations that I think is cool or leaves me feeling good.
Sounds weird but its true…

In conclusion, I’m learning from the book, Striving Animation vids and other animation vids to help me get to what I want in animation cause its my ideas in motion

It’ll be hard but rewarding!

p.s.i need money to live so I better do something to earn my keep in life TuT)9 SOOO its important that I GET A GRIP on me life…just saying~

Hope for 2020 animation for me and the rest of Sakuga FOUNDRY members!


Practicing the basics and acquiring the skills of the fundamentals is the place to start. Good thing we’re tackling the basics for this month’s アニ毎月 eh? ;3


That is true. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the theme for January but I supposed I can make something of it by just studying which I was doing hehe :slight_smile:

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