Introductions (Talk about yourself!)

Introduce yourself here!

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My name is Hisano Yumeki and I simply wish to live and study animation in japan. Hopefully I’ll be able to be apart of an animation company with many people from around the world.


My name is Jarrett, I’m striving to be an animator in Japanese productions and aim to one day own my own studio!

I currently am studying Japanese as well so I can someday move to Japan!


Greetings! I’m Tiffany Lei. This looks like a promising, young community I hope I can be a part of.

I’ve been working in the animation industry for a long time (15+ years) here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Both in local major studios on feature films and TV series. However, my passion is for anime, thus, around 5 years ago, I began full time freelancing and established KAGE Productions. We’ve grown to include a small team around the world and hope to continue to grow.

I’ve done work on commercials, short films, teasers, trailers, games, graphic novels, documentaries and more. You can check out our 2018 show reel here:
KAGE Productions 2018 Show Reel

It’s a pleasure to meet those who share the love of making anime! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s works!

Tiffa Lei @ KAGEpro.


Wow, nice reel! Welcome to Sakuga foundry! I look forward to communicating with you more over the near future!


Thanks! I’m excited to see this place grow =).

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Hey guys, I’m Jalen. I also wish to work and study animation in Japan. Working on building both my skills and my Japanese currently and I am very excited to learn more about the process of animation. よろしくお願い。


Hi Tiffa-chan ^.^ (Hugs)
(Sorry about my first reply. I meant to reply to you instead of making a brand new post - lol.
(Sigh, It’s been almost like 8/9 yrs since I’ve used a Forum Site o.o I’m rusty - lol XD)


Hiiii Anisa =D. Yeah, it will take some getting used to again! Glad to see you! Hope to see some more of your art and animation soon.

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Hello! My name is Mike and I’ve been working in the animation industry out of Southeastern Michigan for about…ten years now professionally? (augh where did time go…) and I was introduced to this forum by my friend Tiffany! This has already become a great resources. I’ve enjoyed the videos I’ve already seen and look forward to chatting with all of you.

I haven’t updated my reel in ages as alot of my recent work is still under NDA but you can find me at and also - my current personal passion has been developing an IP called ARMSmasters and…we’ve finally made some break throughs in getting some executives to start looking at us! I look forward to sharing our progress with all of you.


Hello! I’m Bindy! I’m a voice actress and LOVE sound design. I’ve done voice work in game, animations, and even toys! You can see my work here:

I’m also a nerd that likes to watch animation streams.


Greetings! My name is Roman. I’m 3D artist. I like Japanese animation so I try to learn how to approach to this style in my works.
Some of my works you can see here:
Also I am currently working on my animated short film, but it is still far from complete.


Bindy, did you get my PM?

Hello, Sumit here from India. Always wanted to animate since i made stick animations of DBZ decades ago. Never got the chance to work on animations since. But in the past few years, that little kids passion rekindled, and all that led to me to here!

Currently, I am doing some musical works on my YouTube channel, along with any animation ideas that I can come up with. Nothing much, but working on it. YouTube Channel Link


Hola. Como estas? (Erm… I’m not very good with these things, hence why they tend to get alittle erm…“elaborate.”)
I’m a Bi, Trinidadian Artist,(who suffers from depression and astigmatism.)

I’ve been drawing for the last 15 yrs+ (10 to 12 previously as traditional, and the last 5+ I converted to digital. Been digi since.)
I’m mostly “recognized” online for creating original, ( strictly SFW only) Manga Character Designs, however I also produce - Abstract Art, Nature/Still Life Illustrations, Portraits, Calligraphy, Logos, Vectored Resources, Mehindi Designs, (handcrafted) beaded Jewelry, (basic) 3D Models etc, via the use of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CS 6, ( & Autodesk Maya for 3D), through my trusty, optical mouse and my ever always, malfunctioning Windows 8 Laptop XD

At presently, I am heavily involved in a series of different Art Projects - (both personally & professionally) - so I do apologize for my delays in responses and/or showcasing of my works.

Here is where you can see samples of my work >
and here > (Erm…mind the unprofessionalism of my DA Account oi. I tend trolls/haters on there since 2017.)
I do have Instagram as well, though I haven’t posted up my digital works from 2014+ yet, nor do I use it much (shrugs.)

I’ve had an in interest in Animation - particularly the Anime/Manga style - since I was 15 yrs old. I used to make them when I attended Uni to study for the field, but eventually I er…quit…
After meeting Paul Harrod and Brad Schiff irl, I mmmmmmmaaaayyyyyy give it a go again. (I haven’t really decided yet…) and I joined here, cuz of Tiffa (lol.)


My Mohamed Alamin and I want to one day be a sakuga animator I am learning Japanese and wish to go to Japan in the future (*´・v・)
hope we can be friends (。´∀`)ノ


Hey guys!

I’m Nahas, trying to learn animation from whatever resources I can find online. Nice to meet you guys, let’s have some fun here!

Checkout my work here. Thanks!


Hi everyone! Made an account a while ago, but decided to actually participate here today since I want to be part of the animation/sakuga community and remaining a lurker isn’t conducive to that goal…

Being a web dev is my main occupation, but animation is a pretty big part of my life. What got me interested in the first place as a kid were those moments in Naruto where the quality was noticeably bumped (thank you Norio Matsumoto) and felt a certain thrill or impact I’ve never experienced with any other visual medium. I wanted to be able to replicate those feelings with the stuff I make.


Welcome to SF! I’m new to forums myself, but it feels good to connect with like minded people, something I find hard in real life at the moment. Not many animate from my friends circle, so it’s sort of hindering in some way, when you want to collaborate and make stuff happen.
I’m an architect by education and a product designer by profession, but animation is where my true passion lies. Hoping to get into Gobelins animation school within the next two years while I look out for collaboration projects.
Thanks again Jarret for making SF happen, and all the effort that goes into your YT videos! Arigatou!


Hello guys! My name is Coutto, and i try to do some animations, i’ve been drawing, i think my entire life, and changed to animation 3 years ago, and i’m loving this since then. One of the things that i most love is creating my own histories, so i’ve made a short animation called Neurosi5 ( and also working on a new short called “Momento” for this i only have a trailer (

Its a lot of work but i love to produce these shorts, make the compositions and sounds, some times the music. Its not all perfect i’m just striving to make a good thing with good quality. I usually do everything with Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop and After Effects, for music and SFX i use Cubase and FLStudio.

I have an instagram account: where i’m most active, i do have a twitter but i think no one sees what i post there lol.

I joined here because i would like to know more people from the animation community, i dont have much friends that likes animation and art. Its nice to see a good community like this growing. Nice to meet you guys, i hope you accept me! :smiley: (sorry for my broken english)