Introductions (Talk about yourself!)

Howdy y’all! My name is Dzian Kolack.
I’m 21, live in the U.S. and currently attend online class at Animation Mentor.
I’ve always liked 2D stuff more (I feel it’s an unfair comparison because Japan is willing to vary their subject matter so much in animation) but I decided to take up 3D animation for various reasons. (AM was cheaper than any other “good” schools near me, and because I’d heard that there weren’t as many opportunities for 2D in the West.

As I attend AM I’m trying to get my figure drawing skills down so I can hopefully translate my knowledge to 2D animation.

My favorite animes are anything by Trigger, Gainax, or Science Saru. Also Attack on Titan is amazing.
My dream would be to work at Powerhouse Animation so I can make a living and work on anime on the side.
If I do keep up with 3D, I hope that America starts making more varied and mature stuff.

If anyone wants to talk, my twitter is @dziankolack and my instagram (which I use more) is @dziank


I think 3D has potential to look more like 2D if you match the limited frame rate forced upon 2D animation because of time constraints. Ex:
Best of luck!

I think the things I’ll miss most are smears and going off model. I guess I can draw over my 3D stuff though.

Hello, I go by jura online. Currently a full-time undergraduate student, but I’ve been drawing on the side for the past 7 years and finally decided to start learning animation a month ago. I’ve been looking for more communities of animators that speak english (since I’m still not too confident in my japanese) and found out about this site while listening to one of the podcasts on the youtube channel.

For now, my goal is to have the opportunity to work on some shows, and eventually switch over from software development (after graduating) into animation as my main occupation. I still have a lot to learn before I get there, but I’ll keep working at it until I can.

I’m most active on twitter, but I’ll try to post here when I can as well.
(apologies in advance since my twitter is mostly in japanese, as it’s one of the few ways I try to not get too rusty. I do respond to english comments in english though)

nice to meet you!


Hello, I am Mystipen. I am an aspiring animator, and want to create my own short-film animations by merging together 2D and 3D techniques to create an efficient workflow for myself. I am currently working on my 2D drawing/painting and design skills before going for actual animation.

Illustration at the moment is my focus, but I am going to branch out to environment design, character design, and eventually 2D animation once I am confident that my drawing skills are up-to-par.

You can check out my current work on artstation:

Looking forward to being part of this community, I am glad to meet you all.


Hi all my name Is Matias im from Argentine, i have 36 years old and i work dime years in the vídeo games industries and animaton Tracer AND cleaner, right naw we want to try to make an 80s anime style with muy best friend, i hope know More about all of you!! :wink:


Hi, my name is Aiden, going with Sishenfan online. I am a Canadian studying animation and working on a thesis film at the moment. My current goal is to make the film to the best of my abilities!


Hi, I’m Alex. I started drawing when I was 3 or 4? Idk. Some might have heard of me because of “minecraft for noobs” cartoons on YouTube. I’ve been keeping the series alive for 9 years now, and in the last days I realise that I need to progress somewhere and get more serious with animation. I haven’t gone to any animation schools, and all I know about animation comes from internet including this community. I’m not sure if I’m still good at human anatomy and things like that, but hope I can learn something from here aswell as share my own skills of animation and looks at japanese techniques. Right now I’m learning to draw key animation on paper and inbetweens in Paint Tool SAI. Let’s see what I can come up with!


@alexcrish @Aiden @MatiasBlackmont @Mystipen @jura
Welcome to the forum guys! Sorry if it seems we’re inactive. Some of the users here are frequently busy with their projects, but its nice to meet you all.

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Hi all. I’m Alberto but you can call me Wetxian. I am 21 years old and I have been practicing animation for years since I am excited it but it is difficult. I’ve been practicing on my own by looking at tutorials and right now I’m on a short animated project. It will only be a trailer of 20 seconds of animation. Lately I have been able to make full animations thanks to the Clip studio paint program and I am very happy with the result, even if it is amateur (haha). I hope to meet many people here and learn from them what we are passionate about. ^^

I leave you my social networks.
and twitter:

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Heyo! Im Brian Garcia! I just started seriously animating a month and a half ago! Im hoping to meet other like minded individuals to hang out/animate with! My goal is limited animation (duh doy) because I like E F F I C I E N C Y. Stay safe you guys!

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I’m interested in the Japanese side of the animating process and plan to post works-in-progress here based on the things I learn from this community. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi, my name is Nathan, I’m not an animator but an aspiring composer and foley/sfx artist. I think the marriage of sound and animation is incredibly fascinating.

This forum is really inspiring and informative. Actually been keeping an eye on it for a year or so. Decided to jump in and participate where I can. Would love to work with animators doing sounds and music.


Hello, I go by the name Ryon, and I’m an aspiring professional Illustrator and Concept Artist. I’ve been in animation studios before. Both as an Animator for game development and local film studio.

But I can’t really tell myself as a “professional” though it’s my profession since I still a beginner for both of them. As of now, I’m practicing coloring studies and character design. Of course, I’m still practicing animations though it’s not that much as before.

It’s really fun seeing other people’s work here while also adding some knowledge to better animating for myself. This group is really nice and I hope it can help more aspiring artists.


Hello, my name is Sheikha. Most people called me “Ko”. Please feel free to call me Sheikha or Ko.

My dream is to work animation as a freelance as well as in the industry. So, I came here and learn more about animation.

I have animation. Please check my twitter!

I have YouTube. Please watch my videos!


Hello, I am fairly new to Sakuga Foundry.

I go by Sora, and I am new to art, and animation. I’d say I have about a little over 10 months of practice in art, and 3 and a half in animation.
I have mostly drawn Dragon Ball art, but recently I have stopped to draw other stuff.

I am wanting to become a animator for a Japanese animation studio, or a freelancer, though I still have a while until I can reach that.

Feel free to check out my twitter:

But for now, I hope to grow, and become a great artist, and animator.


Welcome to the forum Sora! Sorry if activity seems limited, just busy lives during this time.


Hi y’all! I am Tushar. Finally decided to join in after lurking around the community posts and watching all the livestreams that William and Jarrett have been doing lately, learned a lot from them.

I’ve been a motion designer for the past 2 years and recently started getting into 2d animation and have been practicing drawing and animation since the start of this year.

Also, just started doing the animonthly challenge on twitter.

Here’s my twitter and instagram, if you wanna check out my work : |

I’ll try to be here more and contribute stuff to the community.


Hi my name is Douang. I am an amateur illustrator and a beginner animator. Looking forward to learning all I can.


Hi everyone! I’m jtagsip and I’ll do my best to learn from everyone here.

I need to use my learnings from this forum and make a living out of it. :slight_smile: