January 2020 #animaitsuki Challenge: 12 Principles of Animation

Hello everyone! Happy New Years! Hope you guys had a great last years and a better this year!
What better way to start an animaitsuki challenge than by going back to the basics? For this month, we’re going to look at the 12 principles of animation and split those up into 3 groups:
Group 1:

  • Squash & Stretch
  • Anticipation
  • Staging
  • Straight Ahead/ Pose to pose

Group 2:

  • Follow Through & Overlapping Action
  • Slow in & Slow Out
  • ARCS
  • Secondary Action

Group 3:

  • Timing
  • Exaggeration
  • Solid Drawing
  • Appeal

If you don’t know any of those 12, watch the video :D:

Practicing doing the basics and fundamentals are great on any level. You’ll learn and hone new skills for animation as well as not having your skills deteriorate and all.

The poll will be up and open until the 5th. Let’s continue striving for animation!

  • Group 1
  • Group 2
  • Group 3

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Great idea for a challenge. A strong foundation is key for timely development of skills, imo :smiley:

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I got a question. Do you have to use all of the group principles in one animation? Like im gonna use group 1 principles in one animation or it depends. Thank you.

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Oh sorry, I forgot to elaborate.
You have to focus on the group that is chosen. You can include all the group’s principles in one animation or split it up in up to 4 different ones. I hope that answers your question :slight_smile:


Im sooo excited for this. i really need to brush up on my fundamentals


I guess it’s time to hone the foundation. This principles is a must for animator, so it’s a great idea to put this as a challange


Group 2 is the winner!
So for this challenge, focus of the items in group 2. Be creative!


Happy new year to all of you, I hope that every one starts the year in a positive way <3
This is my second contribution for the monthly challenge.
I tried for the first time to do a complete and complexe animation (12 fps) in one cut (camera travelling) and I tried to include all the principles of animation… Tell me if you think that I forgot one of theme or more !
Good luck every one ! :smiley:


Does the animation/art have to be anything complex? Would a simple figure doing the action work or would you want a full model of a character?

It’s up to you as long as you apply the techniques in the group. It is a challenge so I do want to see creative things but if you want to do simple stuff that works too! :3

A WIP of a laughing animation i’m working on for this month’s Animaitsuki (January)

I’m not sure if I managed to incorporate the 4 fundamentals for this challenge into the animation, would anyone be able to help me with identifying if I do or don’t have these fundamentals represented in this work?


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Overlap in arm dragging weight and settling with a brief delay after slight overshoot. Slow in during start of the rising and easing into final stance. Head follows arc along with other parts. Cough for secondary action to suggest some struggle. At the very least those were my intentions. Definitely was difficult, great challenge this month.


wow, this is really good! I think you nailed every fundamental in the group. where can i follow your art online?

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My twitter should be under the same name, if not my profile has a link. There isn’t many posts since I scrap a lot of work and never share it but I’m trying to fix that routine. Having not come from an animation background I’m happy to hear that, thanks!

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So hard to maintain proportions lol. Definitely learned a lot from this. Great challenge!


I’m so glad you guys like this month’s challenge!
I’m in the middle of cookin up the next month’s animaitsuki ;3

Here’s my submission for this month!!! I learned so much from this. I wish I had been more ambitious and done full figure, but idk if I would’ve been able to get it finished then. Let me know what you guys thinkskarna_laughing_wip5


Jan2020%20-%20Fundamentals2 Well I’d certainly handle this one differently second time around… Was good for experience tho and ultimately turned out okay for as far as I got it. Calling it a win for now.


rly nice character acting! especially with the hair. where can i follow ur art?

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