Jobs in industry animation

I’ve heard many stories about people of many different nationalities working for the Japan animation industry, and recently I saw an ad in Japanese about an animation studio hiring digital animators even if they have no animation experience.

I was wondering how do people across the world apply for animation work? Do they need to speak japanese or just know enough to read emails and storyboards? Can someone living in the UK or the USA work comfortably on an anime?

Another question I also had was would the wages of anime production be enough for living outside of Japan? I know some studios pay well and some have good unions that let animators work decent hours and get paid decent amounts. Is it worth it?

Production managers hire people online through twitter, as long as you can demonstrate that you are competent at animating/ understand japanese pipeline.

Freelance pay is typically 5000 yen split for LO + genga (2500 yen each) per cut, some studios pay more (some went as high 9000 yen). How much money you earn really depends on how good you are, some people are just really really good and can make as many as 5 LO cuts per day, but for the most part its realistic to only be able to make 1-2 cuts per day when you start out. The better you are the more you can negotiate pay.

You need to at least know someone who can speak Japanese, and had done anime work before. Its possible to do simple communication through Google translate. If you are careful about the wording, it is indistinguishable from actual Japanese at least for simple phrases.

Under no circumstances should you accept work if you are unskilled/ do not know at least the basics of the Japanese pipeline, it will only cause trouble for everyone involved.