July 2019 #animaitsuki Challenge Animation Fundamentals!

Awesome results for June everyone! Also don’t remember to post stuff in the WIP/Feedback thread if you want some tips on how to improve your animations.

Poll closes on the 10th!

So for this Animaitsuki challenge we’ll be voting on a character animation fundamentals exercise with the character being Chihiro from Spirited Away / 千と千尋の神隠し. Thought we might do something different that requires less creativity on the part of the animator, and narrow it down to a single animation that everyone can try. Vote for which animation you want to see everyone try to do! Posting deadline is July 30th, so remember to post it here on that date, and on twitter with #animaitsuki and #アニ毎月

Chihiro Character reference

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Head Turn
  • Pickup up something heavy and throwing
  • Jumping
  • Thinking

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If we go fundamentals, I’d like to go all the way fundamentals, so walk/run cycle. You can put surprisingly much characterisation into such simple action and I feel like many beginners (me included) don’t explore that enough.


I was unfortunately too busy to participate last time, going back to basics seems nice, I hope to participate!


Last month I was not able to participate because I didn’t have access to the internet until recently.
I will most likely participate this time, I’m also really interested in learning character animation

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I’m just excited to see what y’all will cook up

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Polls will close as soon as I wake up tomorrow~
Let people know about this! This will be a really fun one!

Poll is closed! The winner is doing an a animation running. Running is something I need to practice especially for my short film fest film. This will be a fun one since it’s a fundamental all animators should master. Plus the character sheet has been provided for you and the movie Spirited Away!

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Funnily enough I’ve been slacking on doing walk/run cycles for myself. This should be quite beneficial for future animations and stuff. :slight_smile:


found this from some researching

and i remembered watching this guy:

Also, rewatching the movie and actually studying Chihiro as a character will help add more personality to the animations


July I have 1st KA done! Given that Chihiro’s run is 3 frames every footstep, it didn’t really leave any room for inbetweens (at least, none that I could identify) but I hope this looks good so far!


And now 2nd key! This time with frame numbers. I forgot to add them on the last one. Whoops!


Looks great! Is there any way you could get some up and down motion? In a run cycle there should be a part where shes in the air after kicking off with one foot.

Also would be cool to see the ponytail bounce up and down as opposed to swirling.

I might do a draw over tonight to show you what I mean

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Perhaps I could do that with some light editing. I tried to get more of a subtle bounce in her run, but I can see how it might not register very well. Also, yeah, loose hair is not something I’m familiar with animating, so I’ll probably give that a do-over and see if I can do better.

So, here’s my Chihiro. It’s a bit choppy, I’d have loved to animate the entire thing on 1s, but I’m busy with the KyoAni project (and life) atm. Her legs are bit too close to the ground when in the air and hands look a bit awkward, but I think it turned out relatively well. Not long ago, this would have been absolutely impossible for me to do ^^
Also, it’s almost embarrasing, but I’ve never animated a run cycle until now :sweat_smile:
Also also, animating hair is difficult! :scream:


I know what you mean. Animating hair is pretty hard XD. But as for the run itself, try and make sure the feet move in a semi-circular motion, and have her knees bend more. Here it looks like they’re swinging back and forth like pendulums, at least to my eyes. Also, for the hair, try to have her ponytail snap into a downward position in the frame after her head reaches its lowest position. It should also bounce as she runs.


I see the deadline is the 30th, unfortunatly I can’t try this one T_T .

But I want to see your animations.

Hello, just yesterday I found this post challenge, I made the character’s head sway a little from left to right to give it rhythm. After animating the character’s body, I added the hair and clothes, which has a separate movement from the body. Tomorrow I will continue with the animation hope you like it.


Indeed I do like it!

Wasn’t it a “running” challenge?

So… I tried to get a mouvement, I think its too late now to get it done.


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