June 2019 #animaitsuki Challenge

Hello everyone,

I know May’s challenge isn’t over yet, but we need to make a poll to determine the theme for Junes challenge!

If you didn’t make it in time for last month’s challenge, now’s the time to join in!
After the challenge is decided on, don’t forget to post your results here and on twitter with #AniMaitsuki and #アニ毎月!

This month, lets do something in the realm of shonen action! There’s a lot of really popular shonen anime to draw inspiration from, and lets pick one to base our animations on:

  • Dragon Ball
  • My Hero Academia
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • Naruto
  • One Piece
  • One Punch Man
  • Fairy Tail

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Oh this is gonna be goooooood! :grin: (Dang I wish I could’ve re-voted)


Sooo…One Punch Man for June?


Looks to be that way! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Was really hoping for MHA… Oh well :smiley:


I wanted to re-vote for that :sweat_smile:

There is a way to re-vote which I found out about accidentally :roll_eyes: but I think it will just cause confusion if people changed their votes after voting already :thinking:

I would be really interested to work on one punch man since it’s currently airing season 2 (although I was hoping for MHA :roll_eyes:)

If you re-vote, we have a tie again :smiley:

The votes are in! The winner is…
OPM is all about that fighting goodness so this will be a nice challenge and step in the door for those who haven’t animated a fight scene before. Fast paced movements and hype moments are the key in my book. Remember to have fun and that you are not pressured at all to do this at all. It’s a nice way to stay motivated and stuff.


Was Really hoping MHA(The obvious fight couldve been deku and bakugo.BUT OPM sounds cool too.Genos Madood its time to see what you can do in my animations haha .Well after my week break

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Yay, OPM! Unpopular opinion, but I never really liked MHA haha

Are we allowed to start?


Yea go ahead! Starting earlier the better!

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This was super tough but I never would have attempted this if it weren’t for this site lol I had a lot of fun with this, Im looking forward to next month!



Now this is some happy cabbage!
(This is amazing Marc!l

Thank you! I wanted to add more but choreographing an fight scene was a lot harder than I thought lol

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You used reference? :4

Kinda. I created a rough storyboard so I wasn’t just animating blindly. But after the purple guy punches back I couldn’t figure out how to continue it cuz I couldn’t come up with anything else haha