Krita for animation

Anyone else here using Krita?

I’ve been enjoying its animation timeline immensely for my personal work. More recently, as I’ve learned more about Anime production, I’ve begun using the Japanese template that’s built into it. It seems to be following along with everything I am learning on here pretty closely.

It’s free, too, so yay!

Yep! I use both Krita and OpenToonz. If you haven’t seen my recent post in the WIP/Feedback & Critiques thread , I also use the Japanese template for animation. Once I complete the rough animation/genga, I feel that OT would be better for handling douga. OT also has a great camera feature, so it can help immensely.

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i just started using krita recently, but im having trouble using the japanese template coz of the tons of layers and stuff. do you guys know where i can find a tutorial or some help for getting around the template for making animations?

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I really want to try OpenToonz!!! I just thought of it for coloring, I hadn’t even thought about it being used for douga.

I’ll go look for your WIP now and have a look.

Not sure about a tutorial but I can try to help you navigate if you like!

I do know there’s a lot of folders that are turned off/invisible (the eye symbol on the layer). If you turn them on and open the folder (should be a little arrow drop down symbol next to the folder name) it opens all the layers inside. Then make sure you are actually on a layer and it’s “turned on” before you draw in it.

I’ve actually learned a lot about which layers are for what from the Striving for Animation youtube channel. I have been roughing out my animation in the Black layer and doing shadows in the Blue, highlights int he red, and so on.

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thanks a lot, this was very helpful :blush: