Learning Anime Backgrounds

I was wondering about how there are SO many environments and backgrounds in anime, which tons of people must make, but from what I can find there’s so little courses on how to make anime backgrounds. There’s an ‘Anime Art Academy’ run by Japanese illustrators for overseas learners, but there’s none for backgrounds. Are there?

I’m pretty sure that ‘Anime Background Art School’ are just ‘Art Schools’. Anime backgrounds have different styles just like any other landscape art works. If you have a good experience at drawing landscapes it isn’t hard to imitate the anime style, just take notes on colors, accents and details. There is also a lot of CGI involved nowadays, some studios use it rarely, some make backgrounds entirely 3D, so there are no standards.

I agree with @alexcrish, there really is no standard to approaching backgrounds. All you really need to be able to do backgrounds is be good at controlling perspective, composition, and your values & edges. There are many environment design courses available online that do not specifically focus on the anime style, but more or less teach you the same skills that would be used had you wanted to do anime backgrounds.

You don’t even need to know how to draw a perspective grid by hand because most softwares come prepackaged with perspective tools, and you can use 3D software to lay down a rough geometrical scene that you can use to establish the shot in your scene and paint on top of it.

However, you shouldn’t depend on a course to give you all the answers, most online courses just go over the theory and expect you to be able to use it to do the assignments. So, it is really just about practicing backgrounds. If you specifically want to do anime stylized backgrounds then look up artists that do them really well and study their work, create copies and so on. Most of the problems you’ll face can be solved by just doing studies and creating your own backgrounds.

In case, you do want to take a course. I recommend CGMasters, their content is usually great and very informative.

This guy also has good tips on environments: