Learning Japanese with the AJATT Method

idk if this method will be helpful to any of you, but it this is how I learned Japanese.
I’m not fluent, but I was able to pass the N2 which I fully accredit to using this method. It really helped me get passed a plateau in my learning.

It’s called ‘AJATT’ which stands for All Japanese All The Time.
It’s a method that uses a combination of immersion and an SRS (Spaced Repetition Software) to speed up language learning.

This website is where the method originated from:

Matt Vs. Japan is a youtube channel which explains the method in detail and teaches how to make flashcards in a SRS software:

The only thing I warn against is getting too excited about improvement and burning out with this style of learning lol


This is actually kinda the method I use but instead of AJATT I use MIA.
When I stop procrastinating on making a post of my journey I’ll go more in depth on it lol


What does MIA stand for?

Mass immersion approach

Oh, I see! Yeah I think we are talking about basically the same thing