Looking for a group to join of some sort

Hallo, Ive been teaching myself animation for the past month and a half or so, and it’s been fun. However, its also been very lonely, I don’t have many friends who are as passionate about animation as I am, or even care. I know there is the sakugafoundry discord, but thats exclusive, and I missed my chance to put in an application anyways. Anyone have a group or a discord, or anything I can join? Steam, Discord, whatever. It can be casual, but im mostly looking for other passionate individuals who I can give feedback to, and from, and just vibe ya’ know?


Hope you manage to find a group. I personally tend to get a bit overwhelmed if I just jump into any art-related discord server just by sheer volume and skill gap. I just began my learning journey too, so if there happens to be a beginner-focused group somewhere I’d also like to participate!

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If your interested in an animation discord ive checked out, theres Sir Wade’s discord, I go there quite a bit but its a bit ehhh, not empty, its definitely full, but its not very personal. Also they focus mostly on 3d, but 2d is still accepted.
If you want you can add me on my steam (ReDiculousVoodoo) or msg me on discord (ReDiculous22) and we can talk! This applies to anyone whos interested!


Why not post the works here or make new threads? What I mean is, I just think we as a community have to see this place as a glass half full. There is a lot of promise in a place like this and I think we, collectively, gotta strive to make it the go to hub for animation techniques and processes.

From where I’m standing, I see a lot of talent, and if we play the right cards we can make it work. I mean, I joined this place because I want to learn animating and learn from others who are passionate about it as well.

How about this, you, as well as others who read this, can keep me honest by making sure I post works-in-progress here consistently, regardless of how “finished” it looks. Even thumbnails or sketches are enough to give feedback on. Stating this now, in a relatively public place will give me the kick in the pants that I need. We can go back and forth on here, and make it work. And if my intentions are in question, I want to make a body of work so I can also be a part of the discord server, too, but really, It’s to kill two birds with one stone- one, end up with a portfolio and two, gain comrades in arms, yeah?

We’ll figure out what the posting schedule is once we all get into the rhythm, yeah? Life likes to get in the way, but we gotta at least try to finish what we start. So we’ll do our best to keep the flow organic at the same time, too. I will dispense all that I know about animating as long as others share their knowledge, too.

How does that sound? :joy:


Sounds good! I’ll be posting here as much as possible too in the critique board. Ill be posting something here today or tomorrow, so you better post something too!

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Looking forward to it. Good luck and stay safe. I’ll have something posted by tomorrow, for sure.

Hey there, this is the spiritual successor to the grindhouse discord:

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Cool! Ill check it out! Thank you!

I think it is a bit odd how many times making a discord comes up, and the prevailing argument is that it would diminish this forum. I agree.

Since you want people you can work with and trust (not necessarily “friends”, which are often more distracting than inspiring) this forum is a good place to build up that trust in people already sharing a common vision—2D animation. Then, when that trust is built up enough and a more specific vision emerges—a story you want to create—other platforms would make sense.

The above interaction I think demonstrates this point.

Its not like im leaving this place because theres a useful discord. Im still going to post here regularly. Its just not as interactive when it can take 3 hours or more to get a response from anyone, which can make this learning process seem very lonely. On a discord, I can just chat with someone back and forth constructively. However, this forum is good for getting opinions or suggestions from multiple people and making larger more general posts. Each place has its strengths and weaknesses. I am looking for friends though!

I’m working on an independent anime production based on Discord. I’m also curious about other Discords, Youtubes and other community resources for animation learning and production groups.

Hey is it okay if I join? Im really looking for a passioinate community on discord. ( the link is expired haha so thats why im asking)

@Jun I have found an unofficial Sakuga Study discord of folks from here critiquing work.

I’ll post an invite to our project discord once we’re ready to accept new folks. We are interested in sharing our learning materials there as well which are largely based on Striving and Sakuga Foundry and designed to support people learning alongside the Striving/SF materials to try out for positions on our team or to work on their own projects. It is interesting that many animation studios now run schools modeled on the KyoAni school which has expanded post-fire and Covid-era to have many more students since they’re meeting virtually right now. It seems like even (or particularly) for a new team of mostly rookies, having an in-house training process or linking to a community like SF is key to develop new members. I will share the Sakuga guide we’ve put together as well when we do share the discord.

Striving’s invite-only Discord for hand-picked Strivers to get direct mentorship seems to have already gotten some of its students hired from what I heard on the streams and SF is doing something awesome by creating a shared knowledge base and community and even their own version of the KyoAni school model.


Two more animation community links I’ve found:

Animation Guild is highly active with people on voice streaming their animation work. Lots of them are doing entry films for the AG 2021 short film contest which some people here might want to enter as well:.

Traditional Animation Discord (from the Facebook group). I haven’t been here long but the FB group has a lot of members so it could be good.