Making of/ Documentaries

Please share links to any videos documenting anime production here. It will give us more insight into the creative process, framework and studio workings.

I specifically enjoy watching Ghibli documentaries; they are so inspirational! Here’s a series that just released this year and is still ongoing! It follows Miyazaki-san as he works on Ponyo from conceptualisation to production.

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Behind the scenes of the original Little Witch Academia OVA, though it mostly shows how tough the Japanese animation industry is for better or worse.

Link here

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Kill La Kill and LWA OVA. Playlist with Eng subbed long documentaries!

BTS of The Wind Rises and The Tale of Princess Kaguya

I have some making ofs that i could share here:

Made in Abyss

Akira (I just LOVE this one)

Some of the Culture Japan videos:

Cuphead Animation Process

Ori and the Blind Forest Process

Angel Beats process (Japanese Only)

Sailor Moon Process (Cel animations)

Senju Kobo painting background

Kazuo Oga painting backgrounds (he is a background artist from Studio Ghibli)

Osamu Masuyama (other Ghibli bg artist)

Your Name

Basically, Anno Hideaki animating

Blood the Last Vampire all parts

When Marnie Was There

Mary and the Witch’s Flower


Wow. So many. I hadn’t come across Made in Abyss and Anno animating. Thanks a lot for sharing man!

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there’s also the making of Kill la Kill parts one

and two

and three

These come to over two hours worth of video content, and they go from pre-production all the way to wrap up. A lot of really awesome stuff.


Studio THE LINE just released a teaser for a new action-adventure anime short called The Mighty Grand Piton There’s a bunch of videos about the process on their Gumroad along with an art book as pay-what-you-want (minimum $5, i think) I bought the art book and it’s pretty good, with some nice character design work, storyboards, matte paintings, and keyframes. There’s a sample video on YT that gives an idea of what the video content is like, though I haven’t bought it yet.


Another really cool video about working as a contract/freelance animator digitally for Japanese studios (the video in question is a French animator that worked on Studio Bones’ Maso Tan)


I love these interviews from Tvpaint, especially the ones from japanese industry. There’s one on an animator from Studio Trigger as well. Cool stuff.