Manga: Eisen - Looking for Apprentice(s)

Hey everyone! I have a few manga stories I am working on and was wondering if any wanted to learn more about it? I go through plot development/character design/storyboarding and much more. If you are interesting in making manga or want to even work as an apprentice I am looking for and willing to teach. We will have drawing sessions, team planning, dialog break down, movement through each panel and page. I will cover a lot hope to see some of you soon thanks.


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Add me on discord. Aeneid#5082 . I’d love to help any way possible

Here is mine:


I would love to help too. Here’s my discord: Arak#8710
I have already sent you a request

i’d love to learn from you here’s my discord: Hiro the Yuusha#0362

Your discord wasn’t working. Here is mine

ooh, is this still open cuz I’m interested