March 2020 #animaitsuki Challenge: Sound

Hey guys!
Once again let’s get a challenge rollin’! This month’s challenge is creating an animation with sound. Sound is veeeeerrrrrry important in not just anime but videos in general. No matter how good your animation is, if it has terrible or unrealistic sound, the entire quality will not be good. (Use episode 7 of Keep Your Hands Off Eikouzen as to why sound is important.)

By sound I do not just mean effects. I mean music too. Music help create the atmosphere or the mood of the animation. You wouldn’t have a happy, bubblely song with a gore scene.

Vocal work is also very important too. It helps us connect with the characters. Bad voice acting can be detrimental to a show. (I’m not talking about dub versus sub. Take a look at Neko Sugar Girls for an example) This one may be the hardest one as the vocals has to match the expression of the character. An episode of Shirobako showed that character acting and voice acting go hand and hand.

So for this month’s challenge I want you guys to create an animation with sound effects like walking on grass, creating an animation with music to create a feeling or mood, or do some character acting with vocal work. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!


Quick question: where can we get sound samples from?

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Wooo this is my kinda challenge! As a music composer I’m super hype to see what y’all come up with! :smiley:

Might try and animate something myself too for once :stuck_out_tongue:


I shoulda linked a source. Theres another one but I gotta hunt for it!

And please do!
I’m excited to see and listen to what you guys got.
Especially from the composers :wink:
(Speakin of which, do you have a soundcloud? I tried the link in your twitter but it failed)

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Yup I do! Sorry I’ve just changed the link (now it works lol), but here it is anyway!

I’m excited too aaa


Lovely! Thanks!
You are talented! I also saw what you did for IRC uwu

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Ya welcome! And aaaaa thankyou so much! Means a ton seriously :smiley:
And thankyou for watching! I’m so excited for its release aaa


It’s great seeing animators being more and more interested in sound in anime or in whatever media. So much wonderful scenes are written with sound as a mean of the same level as the picture.
Hope you guys have fun doing this exercise, and I would be glad to work with y’all or just give you some advices regarding sound from my little knowledge and experience.


My first intuition would be to pick a high quality sound or batch of sounds and then animate to them. That way everything feels cohesive. I don’t know if I will have the time to participate, but seems like fun!

Oh these challenges look like fun! I want to join in next month. Has the theme already been decided?

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ive been trying to composite (if that’s the right word) my animation for this challenge but i cant get a png, jpg, jpeg or gif with sound using premiere pro. can someone help me out?

Hi,I think it’s because those formats doesnt support audio, you can try using video formats like .mp4 or .avi

I’ve been pretty busy this month and will finish the animation on april and post it later, but this theme was a pretty fun one to work with <3