May 2019 #animaitsuki challenge

This is the official Sakuga Foundry Thread for May 2019 Animaitsuki! Share your ideas for the months challenge and during the month of May, get feedback and share your animations here as well as on your social media!

This month, lets create an animated cut based on a famous japanese anime studio, select your choice from the poll and the studio with the most votes is what we will try to draw inspiration from for an animated cut for the month of May!

  • Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away)
  • Studio Trigger (Kill La Kill)
  • KyoAni (K-on!, Free!)
  • Gainax (Evangelion, Gurren Lagaan, FLCL)
  • Studio Pierrott (Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Bones Animation (FMA, Hero Academia)
  • OLM (Pokemon, Beyblade)
  • A-1 Pictures (Fairy Tail, SAO)

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I feel like all our active members so far have voted xD


Yeah, I’m waiting on a tie breaker, Haha. Hopefully we get another vote in soon


Tie is finally broken ^o^/


Yay KLKgiphy


Studio Trigger! Let’s dooo this!

Yep! Studio Trigger inspired animations are the challenge for this month! Post your ideas and progress here!

Also post to Twitter at the end of the month the final result with the challenge hastags!

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Yes! First things first, actually watching scenes/the shows will give a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge insight of the animation style. As well as watching some behind the scene action.

I recommend watching these ^ and just see the process of making this amazing show (it dont just gotta be Kill la Kill, there’s also Little witch academia that also has a behind the scenes stuff(there should be some links around this forum)
I also recommend studying the artbook of the process. I will link the pdf of it laters if I remember where I saw it (there are also some other amaaaaazing stuff in the files)
I also have a LWA production notes book that may be useful as well. It’s in Japanese but it may prove its use. If requested I’ll post a couple of pages from it and may give one away since I have 2. I’ll think of a conditions for winning it if you guys want.

When doing these studies, it shouldn’t be stressful and you shouldn’t feel pressured doing it. It’s a study for both fun and a learning experience. Most of us here wants to learn and be inside the Japanese anime industry.

As for the challenge using Studio Trigger, I suggest making a character animation doing some sort of action. Showing that fluidity that Trigger is known for (watch the LWA behind the scenes). They can be running, shooting, getting up, enjoying a meal, turning into gridman, etc. You can add the “explosion” or “a lot is happening in this scene” if you’ll like but I think showing the character should be the main priority.

Have fun guys and don’t be pressured doing this if you don’t want to. I’m excited to see what you guys cook up!


Studio Trigger style is going to be challenge. I need more research materials. And the most important question needs to be answered. What to animate?

Studio Trigger’s official channel on YT.


My idea is that i’m going to probably do a witch on a broomstick animation

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you might already know about this resource, but Sakugabooru is an amazing place to find animation reference. Most of the stuff on the site is fairly high quality video that you can go through frame-by-frame. There’s something like 10 pages of just KLK stuff, including a few rough cuts, keyframes, storyboards, and Genga before and after final polish.


Ayy guys should there be like color,backgrounds etc or just raw animation?
im FIRED up for this month’s challange to say the least but sadly havent started yet maybe next week
i promise to deliver mabest animation yet

I think it’s better to start with just raw animation so that we don’t overwhelm ourselves with the work that needs to be done. We’ll slowly start adding in details as we progress our skills.

That said, it’s up to you guys. If you find time to do more stuff with the shot, please don’t hesitate!

My plan is to just do keyframes

Yeah get that motion down and after this month if you still wanna work on it go ahead :3 that’s what I plan on doin


Ok Thx Guys.Noted.ill have time to work on dis this week

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Yeah keep us updated :smiley:

Sure thing!the amount of detail of ryoko and satsuki is crazy but challange accepted.yea?

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Wow good job! Love the anticipation with the eyes before jumping onto the broom.

But I feel the broom motion is sort of very even. Maybe tighten the spacing towards the beginning and then whoosh! It comes flying fast towards the character. Would appeal much better since she’s hurrying . Maybe a simple camera shake when she jumps onto the broom as well?