NEW USERS PLEASE READ:Welcome to Sakuga Foundry!

Sakuga Foundry is a community for artists interested in expanding their knowledge and practicing the Japanese animation method. The hope is that through productive exchange between artists, we’ll forge new pathways for animators all over the world to be able to contribute to their favorite storytelling medium. Sakuga Foundry will spawn artists and collaborative projects all over the world. Our home countries may not have a sprawling animation market like Japan, but we can at least find other like minded people to make projects with and to learn from through this online forum.

Sakuga Foundry is a completely free site, we don’t believe in using ads or having membership fees, we want the forum to be as accessible as possible and we don’t want the site to get cluttered up with google ads. Because of this, we have this Patreon, so our users who feel generous or want to support the ongoing maintenance of the site can give us contributions.

We also have an affiliated Youtube site, where we will be creating content on how anime is made, creating software and drawing tutorials and more at our Striving for Animation Channel! All patrons will get access to sneak peeks of our future video content as well as getting access to other goodies that we’ll have from video production!

Patrons will be supporting the efforts to keep the site online, such as yearly domain registration and hosting fees, as well as buying coffee for our moderators who will likely be donating their time to keep the site alive and on track.

Patrons will be recognized on the forums with a Patron role. As our patron count increases, we will find more ways to thank our supporters.