November 2019 #animaitsuki Challenge: Using Character Settei

This is the official Sakuga Foundry Thread for the November 2019 Animaitsuki! Share your ideas for the months challenge and during the month of May, get feedback and share your animations here as well as on your social media with the hashtags #animaitsuki and #アニ毎月!

This month, lets do something that might be easier for a lot of people, lets create an original key pose of a character that is on model! On model would mean that it follows the original character design accurately. For extra challenge try to take it all the way through the clean up and coloring stages, but leaving it as Genga/1st key would still be good.

This website has a great listing of Settei.
The purpose of these sheets is to provide animators with the references that they would need to put the character into any pose or facial expression. This example is from Bakemonogatari, but have fun looking for your reference settei and post it in the thread before you get started!


Great idea for a challenge! Consistency is super important after all, but thankfully it’s something that’s ‘easy’ to practice :slight_smile:

I’m torn between something really recent and something from my youth. How heavy are your dumbells, or Slayers? Beastars or Ruin Explorers? Yuru Camp or YuYu Hakusho? :rofl:

Dumbell has kinda been my boom lately, so I think I might try out Hibiki first. There’s a character settei of the cast in October’s Animedia issue, but thankfully someone also has that bonus material for auction dirt cheap.



we can make a action scene of her shes from Fate Grand Order Babylonia Ishtar.buuttt its just a suggestion

I think everyone should pick what they want for the challenge. Maybe something in your favorite style? has some pretty good stuff


Brilliant site! There’s so much good stuff to choose from on there. Makes me really happy to see Slayers Next settei <3

cool… there is a violet evergarden settei… always want to draw more erica brown <3

I also chose a character from the fate series. Drew Atalanta before she goes crazy. The pose is as bland as it gets so I took the opportunity to play with composition and mood to attempt to make it look like an actual screenshot. I went overboard for sure but it was a lot of fun.


I think I will participate in this one, as I see it as a good way to improve!

I would love to find some Uta No Prince Sama settei, but it seems I can’t find much. There have been a “Official Design Works” book with settei in it, but it is no longer sold (except by one person asking for $268+ for it), and I can’t find much pictures of what is inside. If anyone got something for that, I’d be very thankful! :heart_eyes:

By the way, can someone tell me how settei is written in actual kanji? That would make searching for more a bit easier.

I’ll continue to search for that UtaPri settei, but if I can’t find it soon enough, I will have to choose something else. Not really the end of the world, you’ll tell me. :smile:


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the kanji for settei is 設定


You may want to search some of the Japanese auction sites like Otamart, yahoo auctions and see if you can find it there. Even if you can’t get it shipped to you, they may have pictures posted that are usable. I found my Dumbbell settei on Otamart :slight_smile:

Good luck with the search!

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Okay! I’ll try to post more here and Instagram or Youtube!
Its sorta months old but here!

Well I finished it, somehow. Was a very educational experience. I’ll need a bit more practice before I can say i’m comfortable doing this on a larger scale.


Thank you @Marc-G it will surely help me!
Thanks @Yogurthead. I found some pictures, bust they tend to be too lowres or bended to be used so far. Maybe I’ll find something good eventually.

@sharriq727 Congratulations on this!


It was a bit hard to choose since there are so many to choose from but settled on Rikka from black Fox


I’ll practice with Run for this one. There are quite a few nice characters settei for To Love Ru in if anyone wants to check them out.

My Dumbbell character sheets arrived! I dunno if you can consider them official settei or not but it’s about as close as I’ll get I think :smiley: Should be plenty to go on.

I’ve also got all the other main-ish characters from the show as well if anyone would like uploads of those :slight_smile:


ohhh man tokyo ghoul.ive got to hit dis!

looks great … i will pick mine today

can we have separate channels for the settai and actual animations?