October 2019 #animaitsuki Challenge

Hey guys! This month we’re doing a Halloween animation! You choose you’re theme as long as its Halloween related! It can be a creepy and cool concept like Soul Eater or really dark and dangerous like Shiki or Blood-C.
Get creative! Looking forward to what you guys come up with!


One of my favorite themes! Which means I’ll be extra susceptible to being over-ambitious with it :sweat_smile:


Haha go crazy! I’m excited to see your results!
bar is set >:D


Hmm i have a Halloween animation on deck but i dont think its up to par of what i can do now. This is going to be fun

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Guess i’m just finishing up my old satanic magical girl animation

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Is there a specific thread to upload animaitsuki in this site?

This one. or #animation under Finished or WIP Animations.

Hi every one, I’m new here :slight_smile: I heard about this site from Striving for Animation Youtube channel.
Basically I’m an illustrator and started 2D animation this year… Here’s an animation I wanted to share with you for this month (not so sur about the hair animation… It still hard for me to have a satisfying result)


Hey there, first time participating. Tried to focus on maintaining consistent effort throughout the entire process so did a short clip of a random zombie girl. Hopefully that’s Halloween enough :sweat_smile:


awesome ! nice work :star_struck:

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Nice work! Great idea for a halloween animation too :smiley:

Thank you for including all the phases of the work as well. Great to see it evolve.

I think you did an excellent job with the smear on the lollipop stick and the eyes darting before the head movement follows.

Wow that’s amazing
How long did it take for you to make this?

Hello people,
This is my first time participating in the community. Here is my animation for this month. I can’t finish this though :frowning_face: . Hopefully in the following month I can make the finish one!



Thanks! It took about a week of actual work, but before that I was just sitting on the idea for maybe a good day or 2. Not sure if that’s fast or slow, I don’t have industry experience to make the comparison.

Hi, this is also my first post for the monthly challenge:



Wasn’t able to make anything particularly new this month, but I added a bit to my old Satanic Magical Girl transformation animation for this month’s Animaitsuki.


I also began to clean it up. Here are a few frames of that.


Well, I didn’t manage to finish what I settled on, but it was at least a very good learning experience. I think my general inexperience with the best way to execute what I was trying to do was what really got me in the end. I tried 3 different ways - one utilizing camera movement instead of the character, one doing the opposite, and one combining the two. I probably spent the most time on this area and exploring them. In the end I think the most concise way to put it, is that bad/inexperienced workflow killed me :sweat_smile: Ah well, I’m fairly satisfied in feeling like I learned a lot having tried this.